Our Mission

  • Feeding the Children

  • Growing the Community

  • Impacting the Future

This has been the key message of Mphatso Children’s Foundation for many years because we believe that it is the way to bring slow positive change to the communities we are a part of.  We feed over 1,000 children each school day through our 12 nursery school programs, spread along a 40km stretch of Lake Malawi, because we know that without good nutrition, children are unable to develop physically and academically to reach their full potential.



The bowl of porridge, allows them one good meal a day regardless of their family’s circumstance. This proves especially important during the “hungry months”, between crops. Nursery Schools don’t just feed the children, they also provide a rich, stimulating class environment with qualified nursery teachers. The children learn numeracy, literacy and are developed physically and socially through an interactive program. This better prepares them for school and increases regular attendance.

Sponsorship is provided for students showing academic ability, good character and a willingness to learn. Some are at private secondary schools and some at University. This opportunity will not only impact their future, but also those of their family and their community.

The lives that we impact now are the ones that will impact the future of Malawi.

To grow a community you need to be a part of a community. Mphatso seeks to do this in both formal and informal ways. Informally, Mphatso provides a fun and safe environment in which children can play. Toy animals, cars, dolls and dress-ups are used almost daily by children after school. Mphatso also provides sporting equipment and sponsorship to local football and netball teams. In a more formal capacity Mphatso Children’s Foundation provides sewing groups, a book club, a Positive Living group and Bible study groups where people from the community can gather together, support each other and learn together.

We endeavour to work alongside our staff and community leaders to relieve the effect of poverty in our communities.  The lives that we impact now are the ones that will impact the future of Malawi.

To grow a community you need to be a part of a community.

The lives that we impact now are the ones that will impact the future of Malawi.

Baby Feeding Program

Those that are seeking help come to us because the mothers have either died or are too unwell to feed their babies. Hospitals and doctors are referring carers to Mphatso for life-saving baby formula.

 Many babies lives have been saved because of this program.  We support these babies by routinely weighing and supplying baby formula and as they progress maize porridge. It's a difficult task to turn babies away when we are facing financial hurdles. We are currently supporting 100 babies. 

Women's Positive living group 

Many people in Malawi are living with HIV and AIDS. Mphatso Children’s Foundation provides a safe place for those living with this devastating illness to meet on a weekly basis. These gatherings include singing, crafts, sharing a meal together and a real sense of belonging. We also provide finances for on-going treatment and transport for medical care.


CONGOMA Recognition

CONGOMA (Council for Non Governmental Organisations in Malawi) have awarded the Mphatso Children's Foundation with the following stamps:

1. No poverty

2. Zero hunger

3. Good health and well-being

4. Quality education

5. Gender equality

11. Sustainable cities and communities

Feeding the Children,

Growing the Community,

Impacting the Future.

Email: contact@mphatso.org

Phone: 0467 969 544

Registered Charity: A0048552G

(Registered in Victoria, Australia)

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