Work on the Alan Parker (AP) Education Centre has begun!

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Work has begun and is well underway on the new AP Education Centre which will see Mphatso Children's Foundation reaching their third goal "Impacting the Future".

Our first cement blocks from the brick moulds (sent over in the container).

A road has been built into the land purchased 6 years ago. The vision for Mphatso Children's Foundation from the beginning has always been "Feed the Children, Grow the Community, Impact the Future". The Education Centre will enable stage three of this vision to come about. Bricks have been made and other local bricks bought to build fences and accommodation in preparation for this next stage.

A work team are making preparations for their trip to Malawi to help with the building program in June this year (2019).

The education centre is going to be a multi purpose building for groups and staff to gather for training and personal development. Some opportunities for training include teaching, permaculture, water purification and solar / electrical installation.

This will save workers having to travel long distances and the associated cost with accommodation and travel in order to upskill. It will also provide the ability to train multiple people at the one time.

Interested in volunteering?

Studies show that providing a skill and ultimately a job for a family in Malawi, impacts 40 people in their community (government statistic). This is the future of Mphatso Children's Foundation and it's a very exciting time to get involved. Get in contact to find out more and have any questions you may have answered. #changetheworld #impactingthefuture

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"A life changing experience"

"I'll never be the same, having experienced life in the village"

"People here (in Malawi) are so rich compared to us"

"I don't want to go home"


Feeding the Children,

Growing the Community,

Impacting the Future.


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