Robyn Casey is back in Australia!

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Robyn is currently back to Australia for a short visit before returning to Malawi mid-March.

Although she no longer knows which place is "home" and which one she is visiting. She is only back for a very short stint this time and will be visiting as many people as she possibly can fit in.

Robyn will definitely be available to chat at most if not all the events we have listed on our Events page

Want to learn more about what Mphatso Children's Foundation does?

Robyn Casey is obviously the best person to tell you first hand of the struggles as well as the wins currently facing the villages in Malawi. With over 14 years of first hand knowledge and on the ground experience, it would be worthwhile getting along to one of the places she is visiting whilst in Australia.

We love any excuse to get family together, celebrate the wins and give our encouragement and support for the lows. Make sure you check out our events page for more details. Or contact us for more information.


Feeding the Children,

Growing the Community,

Impacting the Future.


Phone: 0467 969 544

Registered Charity: A0048552G

(Registered in Victoria, Australia)

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