We have a winner!

Thanks goes to Desma from #TheWaveChurch for organising an easy fundraiser for Mphatso Childrens Foundation. Desma got the idea while she was working at her local Op Shop and saw quite a large glass jar for sale. She purchased the jar, filled it with lollies and made a "Guess the lollies in the jar" game at her local church. After weeks of $1 guesses by just about every child in her church (and a few adults too!) she finally announced the lucky winner on Sunday the 24th of February.

Congratulation Elijah! You're guess was an amazing effort, only one lolly off! 326 was the guess and the reality was that there was 327 lollies in the jar. Elijah is very kindly sharing the lollies around.

It goes to show there's many different ways to make a difference. Thank you to Desma, what a great example of an easy and inexpensive fundraiser!


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